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Production of guitar (basis manufacturing process)
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Body process:

  (1) Material selection

            Measure the dry humidity of the wood to reach 3 moisture (high)

  (2) imposition

           Choose some clean, wormless boards, at least two, up to five (to prevent deformation)

  (3) Forming

           Choosing a guitar (bass) appearance

  (4) Lighting

           Light up once before painting, requirements: smooth, flat.

           The grooves on the body are punched out.

  (5) Color based on the desired color: transparent red, transparent blue.

  (6) Spray the paint and dry it for 8 hours. Drying temperature 42 degrees

  (7) Polishing

           Can't get rid of the background color, 320 of gauze 320 - particle size

  (8) Middle coating: uniform, smooth, 1 mm thick, dry for 8 hours.

  (9) Polishing

            Finely ground. (1) The machine grinds No. 240. (two)


          Hand polished No. 320. (3) Polishing the No. 320 machine twice. (4) Two times of manual grinding and drilling, grinding buckle

   (10) Top coating: uniform requirements

               First, color, color according to requirements, and require uniform color. There must be no chromatic aberration, and the surface of the color should not be dusty. The upper lacquer (shining lacquer, high gloss lacquer) is all imported from South Korea and can be bought. Apply 4 times, evenly, to reach the thickness. The thickness is 0.3-0.5 mm. Dry for 8 hours.

  (11) Polishing: First, the machine is polished. Grind it with a 600 gauze and polish it by hand. No. 800 gauze, the machine is polished for the second time. Requirements: Brightness is reached. Don't throw a leak

  (12) Assembly: The head washes two slots, the twist, and the string pillow has a string height of 1.3 mm. The pitch is 648,628.

Selection of the head: (1) There is no abnormality.

(2) Forming

(3) digging iron core trough

(4) Dip the fingerboard. Wool fingerboard. Flatten, wash the sound trough, fingerboard thickness 0.4 cm (as needed), set the scale points,

(5) Grinding: The size of the joint of the head should correspond to the mold. For example, the gap after molding is a polished class for playing well. The machine is polished. Hand polished 180

(6) Qintou paint: under the coating twice - polishing - silk - silk polishing - lacquer (light lacquer or matt paint decision) - assembly

The paint on the head is generally painted, it is best to use Korean high-gloss, transparent paint plus 30% of the paint (how much to use, otherwise it will solidify after 3 hours)

LP's head is painted less than 10 times. The background color is 1 time, 5 times in the middle, and 4 times on the top.

The body is painted 12 times: the background color is 1 time, the next coating is 1 time, the middle coating is 5 times, the upper coating is applied once, and the varnish is applied 4 times.

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