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Guitar wood
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1. Brazilian rosewood (black sandalwood) (BRAZIBLAN ROSEWOOD)

High resonance, full, deep bass and bright treble. Rare and expensive, it is usually used on limited or custom-made guitars.

2. East India ebony (Red Sandalwood) (EAST INDIAN ROSEWOOD)

Resonance is very good, with deep and warm bass.


The bass response is weaker than the East Indian ebony, and the treble response is slightly less than the mahogany, but with a uniform and clean sound.

4. Fancy mahogany (FIGURED MAHOGANY)

Very beautiful and rare species of mahogany, usually found in very rare proportions of pure mahogany.

5. Pure mahogany (GENUINE MAHOGANY)

The weight is much lighter than ebony, Hawaiian acacia and maple, the sound is huge and shocking, and the treble is clean, bright and brisk.


Similar to Hawaiian Acacia in terms of texture and density. Can give a good even sound. Walnut gives a uniform sound quality between ebony and mahogany.


It belongs to the broad-leaved species of the Pacific Northwest. The tone is low and warm.

8. Phoenix Maple (FLAMED MAPLE)

Also known as Fiddleback or Tiger Maple. Widely used in the material of the violin. Produces a loud, outstanding and long-lasting sound.

9.Bird eye pattern maple (BIRDSEYE MAPLE)

Typical hard maple, grown in the Midwest and Northeast of the United States. The tone is similar to Phoenix Wood.

10. Cherry Wood (CHERRY)

Density and reflectivity are close to maple. It produces rich, outstanding midrange and average sound. Not biased to low frequency or high frequency. There are beautiful textures of waves.

11. Sitka Spruce (SITKA SPRUCE)

Very loud, ideal for sound waves, using the size or shape of any stringed instrument. It has a straight texture that resists great stretch.

12. Engelman Spruce (ENGELMANN SPRUCE)

The color is similar to that of European (German) White Spruce. Not only is it lighter in weight, but colleagues can also produce louder, more prominent sounds than Sitka.

13. Italian Alpine Spruce (ITALIAN ALPINE SPRUCE)

Growing in the mountains all the year round, the growth cycle is longer, the annual rings are very tight, and the intervals are relatively uniform. The wood is light, free to shake and resist the strong pull of the steel strings. The sound is strong, clean and loud.

14. Red Cloud Wood (RED SPRUCE)

It is similar to the Italian alpine spruce, its special sound, its most valuable is his sound projection and clarity.

Note: Wood is natural growth, affected by uncontrollable factors of sunlight moisture temperature, color and wood texture, etc. will be different, more random, different. There are also some differences in the sounds that are displayed, but the difference between the same types of wood is not large. The above picture display can be used as a rough reference. The actual guitar may have a certain difference in wood texture and color from wood.

For example, some guitar wood grain is not straight enough or there are some dark dark spots and insect eyes of wood, and the panel color is uneven. In this case, the guitar can be used normally without any problems.

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