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Brand introduction and recommendation
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1. Martin (American), almost regarded as the best box piano brand, many European masters use the brand during performances or recordings. Founded in 1883.

2. Taylor (Taylor) USA, "Only the best guitar!" was the founder of Bob Taylor when he founded the Taylor guitar in 1974, and it has remained the same until now. For a guitar brand of more than 30 years, it is not easy to squeeze into the ranks of advanced guitars. From the aspects of wood, workmanship and tone, Taylor constantly challenges the limits of human making guitar technology and shows the depth of guitar manufacturing. And persistent. The brand belongs to medium and high-end products.

3. Gibson (USA), needless to say, only produce high-end acoustic guitar, the company's electric guitar is also among the best in the world, every guitarist wants to have a Gibson.

4.Larrivee (Chinese unknown) Canada, Larrivee and its two brands Morgan and Thompson both produce higher grade medium and high-end acoustic guitar.

5. Lowden and Larkin Ireland, these two are small brands that focus on the top market, but are the makers of top handmade acoustic guitars, and many masters and enthusiasts love the Lowden brand. As for Larkin, it is not very popular in China, and almost no relevant information can be found.

6.Lakewood and Stevens Germany, also the world's top acoustic guitar brand, uses semi-manual, semi-mechanical production. It is said that the annual output is only 750 acoustic guitars, in order to guarantee the quality of each Lakewood. .

Similarly, Stevens is also a high-end product, but almost no relevant information can be found in China.

7.Olsen, Stanta Cruz, Dana Bourguis, Goodall and Collins are also very high-end products, even if they are the most "cheap" products.

8. Bluebridge, Cort, Crafter, Grant, Landola, Schecter, Epiphone, Ibanez, and Washburn Most of these brands produce low- and medium-priced acoustic guitars, and some brands sometimes produce high-end products of more than $1,000. The main products of the three brands are electric guitars.

9. Alvarez USA, the name comes from Spanish. The holder is an American company, designed by the Japanese violinist Yairi, a steel string produced in Korea that processes and retouches the guitar. There are other US brands with different price points, such as Doolin, Froggy, Bottom, Grimes, H.G.Leach, Huss & Dalton, Klein, McAllister, Mcpherson, Tippin, Wechter, etc., all of which are good brands.

10.Everett, Guild, Tacoma, Breedlove, etc. The United States is a top brand, but it is rarely seen in China, and it is rarely seen.

How to appreciate the quality of the guitar

For the purpose of teaching and sales, it is convenient and feasible to consider the quality of the guitar from five aspects: material, design, craft, feel and tone. Only by examining the characteristics of at least these five aspects, we can have a comprehensive and objective evaluation of the guitar.

Because guitar lovers don't understand that guitar judgement needs to be grasped from the overall and comprehensive, they are easy to indulge in a small aspect of the guitar, but not the whole picture. For example, some fans may have heard that good guitars have "tight and symmetrical" stripes, or "the denser the stripes, the better the sound." As a result, enthusiasts have since turned their attention to these problems.

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