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The guitar ,and the guitar:LiuXianQin,is a kind of plucked string instrument,shape and violin string,usually have similar indeed.The panel and backplanes are flat,from the Angle to waist is hollow.A long neck,refers to the board has string containing many narrow and pillow and slightly upward of the metal products,called ","it is divided into many chromatic scale strings.
The guitar is used for various musical style,it in the pop music,rock music,r&b,folk music,Buddha's brother Ming is regarded as the main instrument.There are also in the guitar classical music,there have been a lot of solo,selects a use of and orchestra.It usually have six strings,but there are four strings,eight and ten strings,ten strings ErXian.There are two main categories:guitar ShiYou history,a wooden sound box with the timber guitar,8031 ErShiEr 10th century were invented,electric guitars 8031.Loudspeakers Timber guitar is usually used to classical music,folk music and popular music.Guitars are often used to,rock music,blues and pop music.The invention of receiving of western pop culture and music had important influence.

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